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Jonathan Wood, Grandpa's maternal great-grandfather, is second from the left in the front row. He served in the American Civil War on the Union side. This picture was taken about 1862.
Jonathan Wood and his wife, Minnie (maiden name McDaniel), circa 1880.
Henry Wood, on the right, his brother Will in the middle, and their father, Jonathan with beard. Taken in Kansas in the 1880's.
Grandpa's maternal grandfather, Henry Wood. This may have been a wedding picture taken in Newton, Kansas in 1888.

Henry Wood's home on the Cherokee Strip in Oklahoma, U.S.A., around 1897. The horse that Henry rode in the race to stake out his land is being held by his oldest son, Lloyd. He is standing outside the family. The people in the foreground are William, Louella (maiden name, Patton), Lester Jonathan (John), Henry, Nina (Grandpa's mother) and Margaret (Maggie). Click here to read about the Cherokee Strip Land Rush.
Grandpa's grandfather, William Rollans, is shown with his siblings and parents, who all spelled their name Rollins. William is the tallest man in the back row. The picture was taken in Ontario around 1900.

Some of the William Rollans family in Bowden, Alberta a year after they arrived from Arnprior, Ontario. Horace (Grandpa's father) is on the horse to the right, and his sister Muriel is on the other horse. His mother is standing at the gate, and his father, William, is standing in the Blacksmith's Shop door, with his hand on his hips. We do not know the identity of the other man.
Horace Rollans and the staff of the Union Bank in Innisfail, Alberta, around 1911. Great-grandpa Horace is third from the left.
Horace Rollans, circa 1920

Horace and Nina Rollans (Grandpa's parents).
Nina Rollans (left) and an unidentified friend pose in their bathing costumes.
Grandpa Bill Rollans in front of the family home in Viking, Alberta in 1928, when he was one year old. Like most Williams in those days, he was called Billy until he was a young man.
Grandpa's mother, Nina Rollans. In those days, very few women were "daring" enough to drive a car. Way to go, Great-grandma!
Grandpa's mother, Nina Rollans (maiden name Nina Wood), about 1931.
Grandpa Rollans with his older siblings Donald and Shirley, about 1931.
Grandpa (right) standing with his father Horace, around 1944.
Grandpa about 1947
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