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Hi! My name is Squeaker. Welcome to my Web page!

As you can see from my picture, I love mousing around.

In 2005, I took an Easter holiday in Invermere, B.C. While I was there, I stayed with my friends at the
Columbia Valley Trading Company.
I also took a visit to the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort.
After spending some time in their spa, I came out feeling (and looking) as good as new.

Evelyn thought she had lost me forever, after she forgot me on a school bus. She didn't realize that I had only gone on holiday and forgot my way home.
Read all about my adventure here.

Now I'm home again with my friend, Evelyn.
Click here to see a picture of the two of us.

NEW! Photos with me and my friends!
(click to enlarge)

New Year's 2004
Enjoying the view from
Sulphur Skyline summit

Here are a few of my favourite links.

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overcome your fear of cats!

Are elephants really scared of mice?
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Mystic Mouse -- a mouse superhero!

Dress up the cheese -- an on-line game

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