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I'm a retired educator and educational psychologist (and very active grandpa). In the course of tutoring one very special student, I wrote dozens of children's stories. A few years ago, for my 71st birthday, my eleven grandchildren (at the time) pitched in and provided some great illustrations. This page presents the stories (now complete with pictures) and a couple of familial links.

The Stories

The Substitute Teacher
Mrs. Speels was awesome. Warren Flack proved it.
Pollie Pinkie
And you thought Tom Thumb was small!
Something Ate My Hat
Kendra's mom does a lot of knitting...
The Blue Box
An old man's seashell collection takes on a new significance.
The Hiking Adventure
Karen and Michelle have a bigger adventure than they bargained for.
I'm Twelve and OK
A young girl is convinced that she looks like a lopsided gorilla.
Under the Lilac Bush
I found out where the mice live. Should I tell Mom?
Why Me?
Bart is the best at doing chores, but he never wants to do them.
The Winter Concert
Who needs Wonder Woman when you've got a great kindergarten teacher?

Family Links

The Main Page
Home page of Bill's son Scott
Scott's vocal group Juba.
Bill's son Shane
teaches Statistics in Kamloops, B.C. at The University College of the Cariboo. His page features a CV, and his collection of stats links provides some fascinating insights.

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